Our Background

The Rising Records label is based in Sheffield (UK) and was formed as an  independent label in 1980 registered with the Independent Label  Association. We have been trading since then as an independent.

In addition to this web site you can keep in touch with us on Twitter. We are also on Facebook and MySpace (seldom used now) . There are web sites for most of our major band  projects and you can always find people on there who are contacts or  friends of the label.

The original purpose of this label was to service the recording and production needs associated with the label owner’s band Phoenix Rising. This was subsequently broadened in scope to include the projects of colleagues and friends.

Over the years we have helped and advised quite a number of people to  record, produce and develop their products, some of them moving on to do very exciting things.

Rising Records remains a small independent label. We have Digital and Mobile  recording facilities, mix-down production facilities and short-run  mastering capability. The label is primarily a vehicle for the owner,  his colleagues and friends. It continues to produce original and bespoke music commercially including background music for film/video,  commercial presentations and multimedia.

We are geared towards servicing local group needs and projects. The label  can also help in other ways. We know a number of local session musicians (live and studio), Mastering Facilities, PA hire companies, MIDI  specialists, Luthiers and so on.

The label is here to pass on the benefits of a reasonable experience to friends, colleagues and local bands wherever possible. Email us if you think we can help. You never know your luck

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