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Folk-ing About?Phil Jackson has had an interesting and convoluted life as a musician, writer and performer. He is an English songwriter  and composer who started his career in the UK in the early ‘70s. He was variously a performer, a writer, an artist and road manager. After one of his songs was picked up and successfully released by a major commercial artist, he was employed for a number of years as a ‘house writer’ by a well known publishing house and label.

All this was before he decided to venture abroad, ‘see the world’ and find a place to relax and work. He found it eventually and has now been based happily in Bulgaria for a number of years. He continues to be a singer and guitarist, playing blues, rock and ballads of his own material at festivals and venues throughout EuropeSteel.

He collaborates and writes for many European bands, solo singers and local artists. He has made a significant contribution to the writing and performing scene of Bulgaria. Along the way, songs with his lyrics have been used by well known and celebrated bands with some winning prestigious awards. Amongst these are his songs with the group Siluet (click here). The song Running Scared performed by Soundfull (click here) came second in the Bulgarian selections for Eurovision.

Other artists include Fandango (click here), Smashed Can, Mitko Trend (from Soundfull), Richie Mantaliev, Yassen Dimitrov, Krassimir Tenev, Terry Douglas and D – family,

Recently he has been collaborating as the lyricist in a songwriting team with Yordan Yordanov and Goran Edman based at DANN Studio in Bulgaria


After 20 years or so writing hundreds of songs, filling up databases with  lyrics,  covering hundreds of life stories and adventures, only to pass them on to others, he decided he wanted to take some songs that had not been used by other artists and produce an album exclusively of his own work.

He has produced an album of 20 songs and his resulting solo album is now available (using secure PayPal transactions), through his website at https://philjacksonlyrics.com/

Click here listen to to clips from it.


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Sea Full Of Dreams

Phil has an extensive YouTube channel of his material, including links to videos by many artist using his songs. Check it out below

Phil Jackson YouTube Channel


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