What kind of music is the label interested in or specialised in?


It is probably easier to list genres that we would rather have nothing to do with. In some cases this is due to the fact that that may be a specialist niche requiring a particular skill set to participate or contribute in and we don’t have that. On the other hand it could be because we wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. If your particular genre or style falls into the exclusion list we’ll let you make up your own mind which category it falls into for us. (Good game)

The exclusion list is as follows; Boy Band, Girl Band, Single Artist (generally), Rap, Garage, Hip Hop, modern style R&B/Soul, Country and Western, Folk, Hillbilly, DJ., Club, Trance, Classical, Pop, ‘Whining Indie’, Emo, Thrash/Death/Black/Grindcore Metal, Trad Jazz... maybe that gives a flavour.

On the other hand we like originality and musicianship and the odd bacon sandwich


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