Important Note - ‘Rip-Off’ Label using our name


This is the website of the original Rising Records label

We have no relationship or connection with the metal label started in 2003 using our trading name and associated with either Mark Daghorn or  Clacton (UK). We are not and never have been that label.

We have now found it necessary to publish this disclaimer because of many  contacts received by us from bands, musicians and traders disgruntled  with the services or contact received from this other label. For more  information on this topic please ‘Google’ Daghorn or click the following link to reference the Ultimate Metal Forum Website
We are not in a position to confirm or refute any of the allegations attributed to that label.

We do understand from various internet reports that Daghorn is no longer  trading in the music business and has in fact left the UK to pester  another country.

Now, back to our business....


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