According to those who work at this label, how easy or difficult is it to enter the industry? Are there student internships possibilities at the label or at other independent labels?

Oh Dear! Wrong question. To paraphrase, 'ask not what the industry can do for you but ask what you can do for the artists...' You, like the business people running the big labels (and like politicians everywhere) are treating what should be a calling, a genuine response to talent, as a vehicle to earn cash or to put it another way a career.

If you want a career in the 'Music Biz', then shed any notion of it being anything to do with Music, get an accountancy degree and enter a major label as a bean counter (and may your gums whither and your teeth drop out).

If you are interested in music, then hang out with musicians, get to know them and the guys who can help them, put yourself in harms way and when you have sufficient working contacts worth anything (probably after 30 years in the scene) try asking a label if you can help out in any way.

(Now look, I appear to have the distinct taste of spleen in my mouth)

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