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Pig'n'aif have just released a video to accompany the ‘Stolen Moments’ track from their
 ‘The Jester... Thinks...’ album.
Great track and beautiful video. Check it out above or here with some of their other video output.

Alan Ibbotson - click for more infoAl’s latest album entitled ‘Alan Ibbotson At The End of The World’ was released at the end of last year. It is a well-received, excellent exploration of Al’s personal experience from youth through to the loss of a parent and beyond, but it’s far from being a dark experience.

Check the audio samples out here. There are also his download links and much more biographcal and repertoire information here Alan Ibbotson


Phil Jackson - click for more infoWe added a new associate to our family at the back end of last year.
Phil Jackson is a prolific international writer/composer and he released his personal album ‘Sea Full Of Dreams’ last year. It is a self-produced album of 20 previously unpublished tracks and a labour of personal satisfaction for him. Poetic lyrics and haunting music. Clips from the album are available here.

Phil is now based in Bulgaria and is a much published lyricist and contributor to many European artist’s portfolios. An example from this year is his collaboration with Jordan Jordanov "Rising" - feat. Göran Edman. He has a number of other projects and tracks in production currently. Watch this space...

Check out his details and links here

Pig'n'aif Headbanger - Click for more info Pig’n’aif’ were delayed in the post production and mixing of  their new albums due to a backlog of urgent work on other band’s projects. That workload is now finished so they are making a concerted effort to get their projects completed and released. The albums  ‘Electronicalis’ and ‘Musicalis Grumpiosa’ progressing apace.

 You can get more track information, audio, video  and release information about the albums in the Releases section of this site








Here’s a video teaser from the forthcoming Pig’n’aif album ‘Electronicalis’ to give you a flavour. Electronic sounds, and synth guitar blended with their usual analogue instruments to produce an album of electronic prog-rock tracks. A one-off album in a different genre.


Phoenix on Fire - Click for more infoFor those into classic NWOBHM, the definitive versions of the music of the band, Phoenix Rising, is now about to be released. The album is in the final stages of post-production.

The album is called ‘After The Fire’,  The Music of Phoenix Rising. The recordings are based upon the album that was left on the tapes when the original line-up disbanded. 






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After The Fire - click for more infoPete has taken the recordings, digitised Danny’s available contributions as a basis for the drum tracks and used session musicians (including long time collaborator Mick Shedd on vocals) to provide definitive versions of the material as originally envisioned, when he wrote the material.
Hence, ‘The music of Phoenix Rising’.
There is more info on the band page and releases section of this site.

In collaboration with us, Pig’n’aif had a number of tracks included on releases of the Factory Fast Records of NY label. These continue to pick up air and web plays in the USA, UK and elsewhere.

 ‘My Amie’ is on ‘Dance With Destiny’, ’Oh Girl’ is included on ‘Hot Sweet and Blue’, ‘Dead Man Blues’ is on ‘Road To The Sun’ and ‘Cycles’ is  included on the ‘Curtains Against the Wind’ compilation. It goes without saying that the compilations are all worth checking out,.. 
not least because of Pig’n’aif’s involvement.

Sadly, it would appear that Factory Fast Records in now no longer in business, but we wish good luck to Brian and the guys in their future endeavours.

Be Upstanding - Click for more info
ChinWig continue to attract both downloads and streams from around the world  for their album ‘Be Upstanding’. The guys would like to thank you all for that. You can listen to some clips from their album here. More... Please contact our Webmaster with questions or comments. Copyright 1980 to 2020 Rising Records. All rights reserved